## Title: Carl Maria von Weber an George Thomson in Edinburgh. Dresden, Sonntag, 18. September 1825 ## Author: Weber, Carl Maria von ## Version: 4.4.0 ## Origin: http://weber-gesamtausgabe.de/A042506 ## License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Sir! I have the honour to send you herewith the two Ritornelles, agreeably I hope to Your wishes. If I have not been capable to satisfy You entirely, it depends upon my unfittnes to compose in conformity with commands. I pray, to let me know in what time the scottish airs will appear, and to send me one copy of them. I thank you hearty for Your good Wishes respecting my health, which I find much better after the use of the Bath of Ems. I am with esteem and regard Dear Sir your most obedient Servant CMvonWeber. Dresden, Sept: 18th 1825.