Händel, Georg Friedrich


Basic data

  1. February 23, 1685 in Halle/Saale
  2. April 14, 1759 in London
  3. Komponist, Organist
  4. Halle, Hamburg, London


(Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)
Handel's baptismal registration (Marienbibliothek in Halle) (Source: Wikimedia)
Handel House, birthplace of Handel (Source: Wikimedia)
Halle, copper engraving, 1686 (Source: Wikimedia)
Marktkirche in Halle where Zachow and Handel performed as organists (Source: Wikimedia)
Domkirche in Halle (Source: Wikimedia)
The Hamburg Opera am Gänsemarkt in 1726 (Source: Wikimedia)
Handel (centre) and King George I on the River Thames, 17 July 1717, by Edouard Hamman (1819–88) (Source: Wikimedia)
"The Chandos portrait of Georg Friedrich Händel"by James Thornhill, c. 1720 (Source: Wikimedia)
Handel House Museum at 25 Brook Street, Mayfair, London (Source: Wikimedia)
Interior of the Covent Garden Theatre in London (Source: Wikimedia)
A painting of Handel by Philip Mercier (c. 1730) (Source: Wikimedia)
Handel's harpsichord by William Smith (18th c.)[122] (Source: Wikimedia)
Caricature of Handel by Joseph Goupy (1754) (Source: Wikimedia)
Uncompleted admission ticket for the May 1750 performance of Messiah, including the arms of the venue, the Foundling Hospital (Source: Wikimedia)
Senesino, the famous castrato from Siena (Source: Wikimedia)
Handel in 1733, by Balthasar Denner (1685–1749) (Source: Wikimedia)
A Masquerade at the King's Theatre, Haymarket (c. 1724), attributed to Giuseppe Grisoni (Source: Wikimedia)
A carved marble statue of Handel at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, created in 1738 by Louis-François Roubiliac (Source: Wikimedia)
The chorus, orchestra and organ in Westminster Abbey, London during the Handel Commemoration in 1784 (Source: Wikimedia)
Handel's monument in Westminster Abbey with the plaque recording his commemoration (Source: Wikimedia)
Bildnis des G. F. Händel, Bollinger, Friedrich Wilhelm - 1792/1825 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des G. F. Haendel, Sichling, Lazarus Gottlieb -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Händel, Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen (zugeschrieben) - 1777/1840 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Händel, 1740/1850 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Georg Friedrich Händel, Henne, Eberhard Siegfried - 1774/1828 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Georg Friedrich Händel, unbekannter Künstler - nach 1719 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des George Frederick Handel, John Faber - 1749 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Georg Friedrich Händel (engl. Handel), Riedel, Karl Traugott -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)

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