Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why are there question marks after the WeV number on some works?

The number assignment is not yet final here.

What does the indication “origin of data” mean in the people’s index view?

All people marked with “WeGA” come from the database of the Carl Maria von Weber Complete Edition; Data marked differently is external data that was included in the system as part of the fffi database. In this way, the personal information from B. Appels ed. Volume Schumann in Endenich (indicated by the suffix [SchEnd]) were added, as was the collection of names of the Bach Institute [Bach] provided by U. Wolf. Chr. Wiesenfeldt has provided personal data on almost 700 violoncellists in the 19th century, which she developed as part of her dissertation on the violoncello sonata in the 19th century (name suffix [Wies]). To demonstrate the effectiveness of such a DB, people with the initial letters A and B from the Lortzing letter edition [name suffix: LoB], the edition of all of Beethoven’s letters [BGA], the E.T.A. Hoffmann letter edition [HoB] and the Meyerbeer letter edition [MB] (only with the most necessary information) were entered into the system.

Why can’t some preview windows be clicked in the search or in the register?

This should only be the case for bibliographic objects. There is no single view here yet.

Why are underlines in texts suppressed when printed?

The underlines are implemented as background images, which are suppressed by default when printing. However, if you explicitly select these background images when printing, then the underlines should also appear on the paper.

Why do people tooltips sometimes appear with an ahistorical name or title relative to the contextual location?

The tooltips that can be displayed are generic, i.e. the same preview is generated for every mention of a person. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to the phenomenon that unmarried women are called by their later married names at the time of mention, or that princes appear as regents.

Where can I find the TEI schemas for the files?

The TEI schemas and ODD files are available under dual license from GitHub : BSD 2-Clause and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) .

How are people’s “contacts” created?

The correspondents of the respective person are displayed under the “Contacts” tab (see e.g. Weber’s contacts). The sorting is based on the amount of correspondence between these partners, which is also displayed in a separate line in the person previews under “Contacts”.


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