Donizetti, Gaetano


Basic data

  1. November 29, 1797 in Borgo Canale bei Bergamo
  2. April 8, 1848 in Bergamo
  3. Komponist
  4. Italien, Paris, Wien


Portrait of Gaetano Donizetti by Francesco Coghetti, 1837 (Source: Wikimedia)
Portrait of Gaetano Donizetti by Francesco Coghetti, 1837 (Source: Wikimedia)
Donizetti as a schoolboy in Bergamo (Source: Wikimedia)
Johann Simone Mayr, c. 1810 (Source: Wikimedia)
Donizetti as a schoolboy (Source: Wikimedia)
The young Donizetti (Source: Wikimedia)
Bartolomeo Merelli, 1840 (Source: Wikimedia)
Donizetti as a young man (Source: Wikimedia)
Jacopo Ferretti, Italian librettist and poet, 1784–1852 (Source: Wikimedia)
Domenico Barbaja in Naples in the 1820s (Source: Wikimedia)
Teatro di San Carlo, c. 1830 (Source: Wikimedia)
Librettist Felice Romani (Source: Wikimedia)
Giovanni Battista Rubini (Source: Wikimedia)
Giuditta Pasta (Source: Wikimedia)
Gaetano Donizetti(posthumous portrait by Ponziano Loverini) (Source: Wikimedia)
Librettist Salvadore Cammarano (Source: Wikimedia)
Donizetti, c. 1835 (Source: Wikimedia)
Deleidi's Donizetti and His Friends: (from left) Luigi Bettinelli [it], Gaetano Donizetti, Antonio Dolci [ru], Simon Mayr, and the artist Luigi Deleidi, in Bergamo, 1840 (Source: Wikimedia)
Gaetano Donizetti, from a lithography by Josef Kriehuber (1842) (Source: Wikimedia)
Delécluze by Ingres (Source: Wikimedia)
The Imperial and Royal Court Opera, Vienna, 1830 (Source: Wikimedia)
Salle Le Peletier, seat of the Académie royale de Musique or the Paris Opera, c. 1821 (Source: Wikimedia)
Antonio Dolci, Bergamo friend of Donizetti (Source: Wikimedia)
Gaetano Donizetti's brother Giuseppe (Source: Wikimedia)
Guglielmo Cottrau (1797–1847) (Source: Wikimedia)
Andrea Donizetti, nephew of composer Gaetano Donizetti, 1847 (Source: Wikimedia)
Dr. Philippe Ricord (Source: Wikimedia)
Baron Eduard von Lannoy, Lithography by Josef Kriehuber, 1837 (Source: Wikimedia)
Daguerreotype taken on 3 August 1847: Donizetti with his nephew Andrea in Paris (Source: Wikimedia)
Donizetti's tomb in Bergamo (Source: Wikimedia)

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