Rossini, Gioachino


Basic data

  1. February 29, 1792 in Pesaro
  2. November 13, 1868 in Paris
  3. Komponist
  4. Paris, Italien


Rossini as a young man, c. 1810–1815 (Source: Wikimedia)
The storm scene from Il barbiere in an 1830 lithograph by Alexandre Fragonard (Source: Wikimedia)
Isabella Colbran, prima donna of the Teatro San Carlo, who married Rossini in 1822 (Source: Wikimedia)
George IV (left) greeting Rossini at the Brighton Pavilion, 1823 (Source: Wikimedia)
Rossini, painted in Paris in 1828 by Hortense Haudebourt-Lescot (Source: Wikimedia)
Isolier, Ory, Adèle and Ragonde, in Le comte Ory (Source: Wikimedia)
Olympe Pélissier in 1830 (Source: Wikimedia)
Rossini, c. 1850 (Source: Wikimedia)
Rossini in 1865, by Étienne Carjat (Source: Wikimedia)
Rossini's original grave monument, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris (Source: Wikimedia)
Extract from "Di tanti palpiti" (Tancredi) (Source: Wikimedia)
Poster for a performance of Tancredi in Ferrara, 1813 (Source: Wikimedia)
Domenico Barbaja in Naples in the 1820s (Source: Wikimedia)
"Il signor Tambourossini, ou la nouvelle mélodie" (1821). Combining the composer's name with tambour (French for "drum"), this lithograph by the French artist Paul Delaroche makes clear the early Rossini's European reputation as a creator of noise, including a trumpet and drum accompanied by a magpie, several references to his early operas,[n 34] and showing him and King Midas literally trampling on sheet-music and violins, while Apollo (the god of music) makes his escape in the background.[148] (Source: Wikimedia)
Extract from Rossini's Moïse published in Le Globe, 31 March 1827, in an article by Ludovic Vitet[n 35] (Source: Wikimedia)
Costume designs for Guillaume Tell, with Laure Cinti-Damoreau as Mathilde, Adolphe Nourrit as Arnold Melchtal, and Nicolas Levasseur as Walter Furst (Source: Wikimedia)
Set design for the original production of Robert Bruce (1846) (Source: Wikimedia)
Rossini's final resting place, in the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence; sculpture by Giuseppe Cassioli (1900) (Source: Wikimedia)
Bildnis des Giacchino Rossini, 1826/1850 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Rossini, Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen (zugeschrieben) - 1821/1840 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Rossini, Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen - 1812/1840 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Giovacchino Rossini, Raphael Morghen - 1822 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Gioachino Rossini, Leopold Beyer - 1810/1877 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Gruppenbildnis von Chérubini, Spontini, Boyeldieu, Rossini, Auber, Paer, Berton, Meyerbeer, J. Bulla - 1831 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, Heckel, Christoph Ferdinand -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Gioacchino Antonio Rossini,  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Gioacchino Antonio Rossini,  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)

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