Ostade, Adriaen van


Basic data

  1. December 10, 1610 in Haarlem
  2. May 2, 1685 in Haarlem
  3. Maler


Adriaen van Ostade painted by Frans Hals c. 1645/1648 (Source: Wikimedia)
Peasants in a Tavern (c. 1635), at the Alte Pinakothek, Munich (Source: Wikimedia)
Engraved portrait of Adriaen van Ostade, shown with a few of his more famous works, by Arnold Houbraken in his "Schouburg", volume I, 1718. (Source: Wikimedia)
"Cutting the Feather" c. 1660, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (Source: Wikimedia)
The painter with the De Goyer family (around 1652), at the Museum Bredius, The Hague (Source: Wikimedia)
The painter in his workshop (selfportrait) (1663), at the Semper Gallery, Dresden (Source: Wikimedia)
Resting Travelers (1671), at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Source: Wikimedia)
Dargestellter: Adriaen van Ostade Künstler: Abraham Blooteling (Quelle: Trierer Porträtdatenbank)

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