Carl Maria von Weber an James Robinson Planché in London
Dresden, Donnerstag, 6. Januar 1825


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J: K: Planche Esqre


[von fremder Hand ergänzt:] 20 Bromston Crescent


I am most obliged to you for all the kind things You are pleased to honour me with. I can only congratulate myself, to share in toils of an author who displays so much feeling and Genius in his fluent verses.

The cut of an english opera is certainly very different from a german one. -- the english is more a Drama with Songs. -- but, in the first act of Oberon there is nothing that I could wish to see changed; except the finale. The chorus is conducted to its place, I think, rather forcibly, and can not exite the intresse of the public which is linked to the Sentiment of Reiza. I would wish consequently for some more verses -- full of the greatest joy and hope -- for Reiza; which I might unite with the Chorus, and treat the latter as subordinate to Reiza’s Sentiments. Pardon my making use of your condescending permission.

I thank you obligin[g]ly for your goodness of having translated the Verses in French. but it was not so necessary, because I am tho[ugh] yet a weak, however a diligent student of the english language.
I am with esteem
Sir Your most obedient Servant
Ch. M: de Weber.

P. S.

Being ignorant if the rest of Your opera has been sent already before the arrival of those letter I cannot but repeating You, that it is vastly intr... to get the sight of the whole as soon as possible.



äußerst sich zufrieden über 1. Akt Oberon, hat aber Änderungsvorschläge für das Finale; eine Übers. des Tb für ihn ins Französische sei nicht mehr nötig, da er eifrig Englisch lerne; bittet nochmals um baldige Übersendung des vollst. Tb's


I am most obliged to you for all the kind things


Eveline Bartlitz; Joachim Veit


  • Textzeuge: London (GB), The British Library (GB-Lbl)
    Signatur: Add. 47843, fol. 55 u. 56


    • 1 DBl. (2 b.S. einschl. Adr.)
    • PSt: a) DRESDEN .. Jan. 25; b) 1825 / 16 JA NIGHT

    Dazugehörige Textwiedergaben

    • MMW II, S. 588
    • Planché, James Robinson: Recollections and Reflections, Vol.1, London 1872, S. 75–76 (ohne NS)
    • Worbs 1982, S. 124 (als Brief an Kemble)


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