Carl Maria von Weber an Charles Kemble in London
Dresden, Samstag, 3. Dezember 1825


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Charles Kemble Esqr

Mannager of the Royal Theatre



My dear Sir!

After the opinion of our honored friend Sir George Smart, I fully expected to have the pleasure of seeing you at Dresden, or to have heard from you.

the time approaches to settle finally our affair of Oberon.

I was so bussy as the calls of my duty have permitted me. two acts are ended; and can be sent to England as soon as I have Your answer.

After our parley in Ems, concerning this subject, I will no longer retard my full decision, and prefer to give you a mark of my unbounded confidence in your character, than to pursue this higgling for me so insupportable.

I accept consequently 1) your offer to give me five hundred Pounds Sterling for the music of Oberon, -- Partition, and for the Pianoforte -- as your Property for England, Scottland and Ireland.

2t) the Poeme and the music -- Partition and for the Pianoforte -- are mine, for all the rest of Europe.

3t) You will bind down every Theatre or Music Shop in England Scottland and Ireland which receive the Oberon from you, to sell it no further to any theatre or music shop in Europe.

4t) you will be pleased to pay the named Sum of Five hundred Pounds Sterling to me or on my assignation a fortnight after your having received the whole Partition of Oberon.

5t) If my health does not prevent me, I shall be in London the first days of the month of march 1826, to preside at the first representation of Oberon.

6) you will be so just as to satisfie the wishes that I could have relatively to some better Instruments in the orchestra, Chorus pp and you may be sure that I shall not ask for other things than are perfectly neccessary to the Effect of the total.

Pray, let me have your answer in which you ratify these named articles as soon as possible.

In these days I go to Berlin where I am invited to preside at the first representations of Euryanthe in pursuance of an ordre of the King. but I shall be back before the End of this month.

when you see our honored friend Sir G: Smart, I Beg that you will remember me kindly to him.
Believe me
my dear Sir ever most sincerely yours



berichtet über Fortschritte bei Oberon u. teilt seine Bedingungen mit: verkauft für 500 Pfd. sämtl. Rechte für England, Schottland u. Irland an Kemble; behält aber alle Rechte in Dtschld:, K. solle den Verkauf in England kontrollieren; falls er gesund bleibe, will er Anfang März nach London kommen; behält sich Recht auf Besetzungsvorschläge vor; erwähnt geplante Euryanthe-Auff. in Berlin


After the opinion of our honored friend Sir


Eveline Bartlitz; Joachim Veit


  • Textzeuge: Cambridge (GB), Fitzwilliam Museum (GB-Cfm)


    • 1 DBl. (3 b.S. einschl. Adr.)
    • Vermerk auf Adressenseite: Register 1138. / Mr C. M. von Weber’s / Agreement for Oberon. / £. 500.
    • PSt: a) DRESDEN 3. Dec. 25; b) [Rundstempel:] FPO / DE: 12 / 1825


    • Sotheby (27. Nov. 1913), Nr. 211
    • Sotheby (2.-4.März 1905), Nr. 679

    Dazugehörige Textwiedergaben

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