Carl Maria von Weber an George Smart in London
Dresden, Montag, 6. Februar 1826


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My dear Sir!

I leave DresdeΔ the 16t February. I shallΔ sleep every night, — becauseΔ I am forbidden to travel by night, Δ remain one Day at Frankfort, and hope to arrive at Paris the 25th February.      There I must remain some days, and therefore I can not be in London, — embarking at Calais, —Δ before the 5th or 6th of march.       Consequentely I can only accept the fair offer of our honored friend Mr Kemble, than for theΔ four last oratorios, the 8th–10th — 16tΔ and 17t for which I hope Mr Kemble will accord me the round Summe of one hundred Pound Sterling*.

beyond all this however,Δ I must entirely apply to yourΔ goodness, without that I would be a very helpless BeeingΔ*.      but you prove yet alreadyΔ by your kind letter and the very useful advices which you give me in it — forΔ which I can not beΔ enough indebted to you, — that I can hope every aid by yourΔ Friendship.      Your letter shall be my directionΔ after which I regulate myself; and MssΔ Weber is a great deal more tranquilΔ, to see me in such hands in England, and looks uponΔ it with h[e]artyΔ thanks.

I am not attended by a Servant, butΔ Mr Fürstenau will come along with me. and I am very glad to know that he can reside near meΔ.

Δ The engagement of Mr. Braham is a very good news, and gives me great pleasure.

If this letter goesΔ so fast as yours, you can give me — if you think it neccessary — some news at Paris, where my direction is byΔ Maurice Schlesinger’s.

And now my dear Sir! I give you a h[e]arty shake hands and remain with all regard and esteem Yours
most faithfully



teilt Reiseroute mit; aus Gesundheitsgründen kann er erst zu den letzten geplanten Oratorienaufführungen in London sein; dankt Smart für alle Hilfe und Unterbringung (auch Fürstenaus); freut sich über Engagement Brahams und erwartet - falls erforderlich - Nachricht in Paris


I leave Dresde the 16t February. I shall sleep


Eveline Bartlitz; Joachim Veit

Tradition in 2 Text Sources

  • 1. Text Source: Cambridge (GB), Fitzwilliam Museum (GB-Cfm)
    Shelf mark: Signatur unbekannt

    Physical Description

    • 1 DBl. (2 b. S. einschl. Adr.)
    • Siegel
    • PSt: a) DRESDEN | 6. Feb. 26 b) Rundst.: FPO | FE 16 | 1826
    • auf der Adressenseite Empfangsvermerk von Smart ?: Received | Feb. 16. 1826
    • am rechten oberen Rand der Rectoseite Notiz von unbekannter Hand (Blei): “Ans[wer] to Paris | Febr 20 – See Cox”
    • durchgängig lateinisch geschrieben


    • Sotheby & Co., Auktion 24./25. Juni 1940, S. 46, Nr. 428 (aus der Sammlung von Edward Speyer)
    • lt. Liste von Kaiser (vor 1918) im Besitz von Sir Edward Speyer, London
    • Sotheby (11.-13.12.1902), Nr. 761

    Corresponding sources

    • George Hogarth, Musical History, Biography and Criticism, New York 1848, S. 142
    • H. Bertram Cox + C. L. E. Cox (Hg.), Leaves from the Journals of Sir George Smart, London u. a. 1907, S. 243–244 (dort falsch datiert 1826–02–16)
  • 2. Text Source: Draft: Berlin (D), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung (D-B)
    Shelf mark: Mus. ms. autogr. theor. C. M. v. Weber WFN 6 (XVII), Bl. 92b/v

Text Constitution

  • “… London .”Anschrift im Entwurf: To Sir George Smart.
  • I leave Dresde“I part from here” crossed out and replaced with “I leave Dresde
  • “I shall”added above
  • andadded above
  • “and”crossed out
  • “… remain one Day at Frankfort”Die folgenden Orte sind im Entwurf nicht unterstrichen.
  • “embarking me at Calaisadded in the margin
  • “me”crossed out
  • “the”added in the margin
  • “15”sic!
  • “however,”added in the margin
  • “and in he as I am in all your costums in England as”crossed out
  • “in”added above
  • already“now” crossed out and replaced with “already
  • for“and” crossed out and replaced with “for
  • “be”added above
  • “from”crossed out
  • “my dear”crossed out
  • “regulative”crossed out
  • tranquil“quiet” crossed out and replaced with “tranquil
  • looks upon“regards” crossed out and replaced with “looks upon
  • y“l” crossed out and replaced with “y
  • “No Servant attends … a Servant, but”added in the margin
  • “No Servant attends me”crossed out
  • me“myself” crossed out and replaced with “me
  • goestrades” crossed out and replaced with “goes
  • “trades”uncertain transcription
  • by“at” overwritten with “by


  • “… of one hundred Pound Sterling”Die vier von Weber geleiteten “Oratorios” fanden am 8., 10., 15. und 17. März 1826 statt.
  • “… be a very helpless Beeing”Smart beherbergte Weber während seines Aufenthalts in London im 2. Stock seines Hauses Great Portland Street 91; vgl. Webers Brief an seine Frau Caroline vom 4. bis 7. März 1826.


  • Text Source 1: I leave Dresde
    Text Source 2: I part from here I leave Dresde
  • Text Source 1: I shall
    Text Source 2: I shall
  • Text Source 1: because
    Text Source 2: becaused
  • Text Source 1:
    Text Source 2: and
  • Text Source 1: — embarking at Calais, —
    Text Source 2: embarking me at Calais
  • Text Source 1: the
    Text Source 2: the
  • Text Source 1: 16t
    Text Source 2: 15
  • Text Source 1: however,
    Text Source 2: however,
  • Text Source 1: your
    Text Source 2: your
  • Text Source 1: without that I would be a very helpless Beeing
    Text Source 2: and in he as I am in all your costums in England as without that I would be a very helpless beeing.
  • Text Source 1: already
    Text Source 2: now already
  • Text Source 1: — for
    Text Source 2: and for
  • Text Source 1: be
    Text Source 2: be
  • Text Source 1: by your
    Text Source 2: from by your my dear
  • Text Source 1: direction
    Text Source 2: regulative direction
  • Text Source 1: Mss
    Text Source 2: Ms
  • Text Source 1: tranquil
    Text Source 2: quiet tranquil
  • Text Source 1: looks upon
    Text Source 2: regards looks upon
  • Text Source 1: hearty
    Text Source 2: hartlyy
  • Text Source 1: I am not attended by a Servant, but
    Text Source 2: No Servant attends me I am not attended by a Servant, but
  • Text Source 1: me
    Text Source 2: myself me
  • Text Source 1: No text present.
    Text Source 2: Now
  • Text Source 1: goes
    Text Source 2: trades goes
  • Text Source 1: by
    Text Source 2: at by
  • Text Source 1: CMvWeber
    Text Source 2: Weber.


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