Sir George Smart an Carl Maria von Weber
London, Montag, 20. Februar 1826

London 91 Great Portland S:t

My dear Mr Weber,

I was delighted by receiving your kind letter of the 6th. I hope you have arrived in good health at Paris.

I am desired by Mr. Kemble to assure you, that, he looks forward with the greatest pleasure to seeing you in London, he most readily consents to realize the ’„hope“ you have expressed, therefore you will receive One Hundred Pounds for conducting one act of your own compositions at each of the four last oratorios at Covent Garden Theatre, viz.* on March 8, 10, 15 and 17th next, and he further desires me of his power, to render your engagements to the Theatre as pleasant as possible to yourself;

I hope to have the gratification of receiving you in my House at the latest on Saturday Ev[?], March 4th that we may arrange the Performance for the following Wednesday, for which your Name will be immediately announced in the Newspapers etc.: therefore I should deeply regret any disappointment, but which I do not anticipate, I conclude your stay at Paris will be as short as possible. They are copying out the Parts of Oberon from the Scores you have sent, which are, as yet, only the 1st and 2nd Acts, except the Finale to the 2nd Act. – Give my best compliments to Mr Schlesinger and also to Mr Fürstenau, we must contrive, if possible, for him to play a Concerto one Night at the Oratorios. – I rely on the pleasure of receiving a Letter from you as soon as you land at Dover

Wishing you a pleasant Journey to this Country, believe me with sincere esteem,
George Smart.



im Namen Kembles teilt er ihm das Honorar für die Oratorienkonzerte mit; dort soll jeweils 1 Akt aus Webers Opern erklingen; drängt ihn nochmals, möglichst bald zu kommen;


I was delighted by receiving your kind letter



Eveline Bartlitz, Joachim Veit



London (GB), The British Library (GB-Lbl)
Signatur: Add. 41771, fol. 55


  • 1 Bl. (1 b.S. o.Adr.)
Weitere Textquellen
  • H. Bertram Cox + C. L. E. Cox (Hg.), Leaves from the Journals of Sir George Smart, London u. a. 1907, S. 244f.



    • "… at Covent Garden Theatre, viz.": = Abkürzung für videlicet: namely, that ist


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