Carl Maria von Weber an Charles Kemble in London
Dresden, Donnerstag, 6. Januar 1825


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Charles Kemble.


Mannager of the Royal-Theatre




I habe received Your Kind letter and the first Act of Oberon with great pleasure. But: — it is too late, — and seems impossible to finish such a work for the next Season. The more so as I have only the first Act without a plan of the whole.      Before I know the extent and the character of all the musical pieces, I can calculate neither the encrease of the effects, nor the complection of each individual piece.

Without the surwey of the whole, my phantasy can not possibly develop itself, or be chained down to minutes.

I [w]right this in the first days of January. This month will certainly pass, ere I receive the other two acts. — At Easter You wish me in London with the new opera. — Easter falls upon the fourt[h] April*. — March would be lost by the journey and the preparations for it. — what left have I left? one month, which I can not even employ entierly at this performance.

Whether now under these circumstances my presence in London can be advantageous; or whether it were not better to delay this undertaking till the Season of 1826: — all these questions only You Sir can solve.

Besides this, consider, dear Sir, that my personal arrival in London would wear off the edge of the interest of the public for a compositeur, who can not afford to bring along with him a new entertainment for its greedy ears. |

I have thought it my duty, to acquaint you immediately with my opinion.      We can consol ourselves with its not being our fault. Now I have yet to confite upon Your Kindness for my weak english, and to assure You of the esteem and friendship with which I have the honor to sign Sir! your most obedient
Charles Marie de Weber



dankt für 1. Akt Oberon; bis Ostern kann er die Komposition nicht mehr vollenden, zumal er erst den Gesamtplan kennen müsse; bittet um Verschiebung auf die Saison 1826


I have received Your Kind letter and the first


Eveline Bartlitz; Joachim Veit

Tradition in 2 Text Sources

  • 1. Text Source: Philadelphia (US), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library (US-PHhs)
    Shelf mark: Wizter Family Papers, Butler Section, Box 35, Folder 9

    Physical Description

    • 1 DBl. (3 b. S. einschl. Adr.)
    • Siegelrest
    • PSt: a) DRESDEN | 6. Jan. 25 b) Rundst.: FPO | JA 17 | 1825 c) ALLEMAGNE | PAR | FORBACH
    • durchgehend in lateinischer Schrift

    Corresponding sources

    • Copy: Berlin (D), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung (D-B)
      Shelf mark: Weberiana Cl. II B, 2ß, Nr. 1a, S. 885-886

      Physical Description

      • deutsche Übersetzung
  • 2. Text Source: Draft: Berlin (D), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung (D-B)
    Shelf mark: Mus. ms. autogr. theor. C. M. v. Weber WFN 6 (XVII), Bl. 90a/r

    Physical Description

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  • “left”crossed out


  • “… upon the fourt h April”Am 3. April 1825 war Ostersonntag.


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