Carl Maria von Weber an Barham Livius in London (Entwurf)
Dresden, Sonntag, 18. September 1825


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Barham Livius. Dorset cottage. Grosvenor Place. London.


I have received in due time your honored Letter of July 21, at Ems. what shall I reply, after so varry different rapports representations, --nothing, than the my hearty wish to find in all things the best side. -- finally let us pass over that things past, and allow me to thank you to render you my thanks for the nice box* which you have been so good to send me by Sir George Smart.

the waters of Ems have proved effications of to my health, and though my hoarsness and cold are not […] cured till now, yet the totality of my health frame is much better.

I wonder to learn by a letter of Mr: Hawes of the 28t July that you had not yet received at that time Euryanthe, which […] parted went from here in the first days of july. but I hope that it will have had been retarded only a few days more.

I am with esteem
Sir your most obedient
Servant. vW:



will über den Ärger hinwegsehen, den er mit L. hatte u. dankt für dessen Geschenk; das Bad habe seiner Gesundheit gut getan; erkundigt sich, ob die Euryanthe-Partitur noch immer nicht eingetroffen sei


I have received in due time your


Eveline Bartlitz; Joachim Veit


  • Text Source: Berlin (D), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung (D-B)
    Shelf mark: Mus. ms. autogr. theor. C. M. v. Weber WFN 6, Mappe XVII, Bl. 92a/r

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  • “rapports”crossed out.
  • “nothing, than the … side. -- finally”added in the margin.
  • “the”crossed out.
  • “my”added above.
  • “that”crossed out.
  • “to thank you”crossed out.
  • “to render you my thanks”added in the margin.
  • “of”crossed out.
  • “to”added in the margin.
  • “[…]”Deleted text illegible.
  • “cured”added in the margin.
  • “yet”added above.
  • “health”crossed out.
  • “frame”added above.
  • “not”added in the margin.
  • “[…] parted”crossed out.
  • “went”added in the margin.
  • “will have”crossed out.
  • “had been”added above.


  • “… thanks for the nice box”Zum Erhalt der goldenen Dose vgl. Webers Tagebuchnotiz vom 10. August 1825.


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